Who is Winix?

Winix history

Established in 1973, the South Korean company WINIX has studied, designed and manufactured innovative water and air treatment solutions for home and office environments.

Today, WINIX leads the world on an international basis in the manufacture of top-quality air purifiers. WINIX products have been recognized for their outstanding quality, durability and cutting edge technology throughout the world.

Winix’s primary objective is to provide clean and healthy home and work environments by creating the highest quality of air that you can make for yourself.

In order to accomplish this, Winix proudly develops products that strictly comply with the top worldwide quality standards. Winix complies with many industry certifications including:

  • AHAM (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers) Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)
  • UL Listed
  • CARB – The California Air Resources Board 
“Clean Air Agency” EO certificate
  • CE
  • RoHS
  • TUV
  • Energy Star
  • Hospital-Grade True HEPA Filtration Standard
  • ECARF & Allergy UK Seal of Approval
  • National Asthma Council Australia 
Sensitive Choice Approval

WINIX products are designed and manufactured in South Korea and currently operate in Asia, the USA and in Europe through various subsidiaries.

Internationally, Winix air purifiers have developed a reputation for industry-leading air purification technology. This unique technology has come to be known as ‘PlasmaWave’™. PlasmaWave™ technology attacks pollutants at a molecular level to neutralize viruses, bacteria, chemical vapours & harmful gases without producing harmful ozone*.

Since 2015, Winix has proudly partnered with the family-owned Australian company, Ausclimate to bring these world-renowned air purifiers to Australia.

Winix has designed air purifiers to specifically suit our unique Australian conditions, strictly complying with our own Australian Industry Standards, along with independent Australian testing to give you complete confidence and peace of mind with the highest quality and safety assurance.

the Winix difference

4 & 5-stages of air purification

Effectively remove a broad range of odours, allergens & other airborne pollutants including: dust, smoke, pollen, pet dander, mould, bacteria, viruses & VOCs.

Hospital-Grade True
HEPA Filtration

Captures 99.97% of tiny airborne particles (as small as 0.3 microns) such as pet dander, dust, dust-mites, mould, smoke, viruses, bacteria and other allergens commonly found in the home

Attacks pollutants at a molecular level to neutralize viruses, bacteria, chemical vapours & harmful gases without producing harmful ozone*

Find out all about Winix PlasmaWave™ technology here

Dedicated Pet Filter

Australia's only dedicated air purifier pet-filter captures large particles, dander & pet hair (Zero+ PRO 5 Stage Exclusive)


(Advanced Odour
Control - AOC)

Captures offensive household odours. Compact 4-stage, Zero 4 Stage & Zero+ PRO 5-stage deodorization activated carbon filters also remove hazardous chemical vapours & gases (VOCs)

Energy Efficient

Exceptional energy efficiency: up to 12 times more efficient than a typical 60w household light bulb


Automatically adjusts settings to suit changing indoor environment

*In tests by global independent safety science company UL LLC, WInix Air Purifiers produced 3 part per billion ozone - a nearly undetectable level that is substantially lower than the FDA’s allowable level of 50 part per billion.

not all air-purifiers are created equal

WINIX’s Australia-certified air purifiers effectively remove particles as small as 0.3 microns (μm) with 99.97% efficiency; the Australian standard for ‘Hospital-Grade True HEPA Filtration’.

The unfortunate truth is that many suppliers make the claim of having ‘HEPA filters’, however, some of these are in reality not actually ‘Hospital-grade true HEPA’ filtration and upon testing, fail to filter 99.97% at 0.3 microns of particles from the air.

As a responsible Australian supplier of quality air purifiers, proof of independent testing is very important to us, as it should be for all customers doing 
their research.

Winix Australia-certified air purifier range proudly meets the Australian Standards, European Standards, as well as the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Standards and have the proof to back 
it up.¹

The world-renowned brand that is WINIX; over 40 years of air-cleaning experience, teamed up with a reliable Australian Warranty & the unbeatable ongoing after sales service of Ausclimate.

Your long-term solution for a 
cleaner, healthier indoor climate.

¹ True Hepa filtration standard accredited by Australian independent testing laboratory, Assured Equipment Services, Utah-based Nelson Laboratories and Yonsei University, based in Seoul, South Korea. Test report results available upon request.

the proud Australian home of

Important Australian Warranty Disclaimer

The Winix quality-assured range that is manufactured and tested just for Australia can be noted by the letters ‘AUS’ at the start of the unit’s model number.

If a Winix model number does not start with the letters, ‘AUS’ then it is not approved for sale in Australia and is not covered by Winix’s Official Australian Warranty.