4-stage air-purifier

The next-generation ZERO 4 Stage Air Purifier features 4 Stages of air purification with PlasmaWave® technology, reactive Dual Smart Sensor, Smart Air Quality Display, Sleep Mode and 4 Fan Speeds with Hospital Grade True HEPA filtration for whole rooms. The perfect all-rounder home air purifier.

Model no: AUS-1050AZBU

(start-up filters included for approx. 
1 yr continuous use)

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5-stage air-purifier

The next-generation ZERO+ PRO 5 Stage Air Purifier features 5 stages of air purification with PlasmaWave® 2.0 technology, dedicated Pet Filter, reactive Triple Smart Sensor, Smart Air Quality Display, Sleep Mode and 4 Fan Speeds with Hospital Grade True HEPA filtration for whole rooms. Perfect for homes or professional workplace and office use, the ultimate PRO level air purifier.

Model no: AUS-1250AZPU

(start-up filters included for approx. 
1 yr continuous use)

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Winix ZERO air purifiers video – just what makes them “the most complete”?

the Winix difference

4 & 5-stages of air purification

Effectively remove a broad range of odours, allergens & other airborne pollutants including: dust, smoke, pollen, pet dander, mould, bacteria, viruses & VOCs.

Hospital-Grade True
HEPA Filtration

Captures 99.97% of tiny airborne particles (as small as 0.3 microns) such as pet dander, dust, dust-mites, mould, smoke, viruses, bacteria and other allergens commonly found in the home


Attacks pollutants at a molecular level to neutralize viruses, bacteria, chemical vapours & harmful gases without producing harmful ozone*

Dedicated Pet Filter

Australia's only dedicated air purifier pet-filter captures large particles, dander & pet hair (Zero+ PRO 5 Stage Exclusive)


(Advanced Odour
Control - AOC)

Captures offensive household odours. Ultimate 5-stage, Zero 4 Stage & Zero+ PRO 5-stage deodorization activated carbon filters also remove hazardous chemical vapours & gases (VOCs)

Energy Efficient

Exceptional energy efficiency: up to 12 times more efficient than a typical 60w household light bulb


Automatically adjusts settings to suit changing indoor environment

*In tests by global independent safety science company UL LLC, WInix Air Purifiers produced 3 part per billion ozone - a nearly undetectable level that is substantially lower than the FDA’s allowable level of 50 part per billion.

not all air-purifiers are created equal

WINIX’s Australia-certified air purifiers effectively remove particles as small as 0.3 microns (μm) with 99.97% efficiency; the Australian standard for ‘Hospital-Grade True HEPA Filtration’¹.

The unfortunate truth is that many suppliers make the claim of having ‘HEPA filters’, however, some of these are in reality not actually ‘Hospital-grade true HEPA’ filtration and upon testing, fail to filter 99.97% at 0.3 microns of particles from the air.

As a responsible Australian supplier of quality air purifiers, proof of independent testing is very important to us, as it should be for all customers doing 
their research.

Winix Australia-certified air purifier range proudly meets the Australian Standards, European Standards, as well as the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Standards and have the proof to back 
it up.¹

The world-renowned brand that is WINIX; over 40 years of air-cleaning experience, teamed up with a reliable Australian Warranty & the unbeatable ongoing after sales service of Ausclimate.

Your long-term solution for a 
cleaner, healthier indoor climate.

¹ Hospital-Grade True Hepa filtration standard accredited by Australian independent testing laboratory, Assured Equipment Services, Utah-based Nelson Laboratories and Yonsei University, based in Seoul, South Korea. Test report results available upon request.

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Important Australian Warranty Disclaimer

The Winix quality-assured range that is manufactured and tested just for Australia can be noted by the letters ‘AUS’ at the start of the unit’s model number.

If a Winix model number does not start with the letters, ‘AUS’ then it is not approved for sale in Australia and is not covered by Winix’s Official Australian Warranty.